• Confidence

    Confidence is what you do to make you stand out as a professional. Confident professionals are perceived as competent, capable and trustworthy.

  • Communication

    Communication is two-sided. What you hear and see from the other party when interacting with them is as important as what you say and how you say it.

  • Mindset

    It is your responsibility to shape your life, both personal and professional. It's what you do that sets you up for success. It's how you respond that makes the difference.

Meet Your Instructor

  • Oyinkan Akinmade

    Certified Professional Coach

    Oyinkan Akinmade

    Hello, I am the Founder of Bold and Ageless LLC, a personal development firm. I work with individuals to improve their confidence, communication, and to develop a personal brand consistent with them. My passion is to empower and equip you to take charge of your professional life because I believe God has given you the ability to choose how you live life. I believe you have the ability to be in charge of your career and to enjoy what you do as a professional. Your career or business is in stages and your ability to maximize each stage is what leads to progress so I have designed these courses with actionable steps to enable you to do just that.